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Cutting costs, improving efficiency, organising processes in an effective manner, bringing order to chaos: this is what we at CTC see as the task of modern travel management. Overall, travel is the third-greatest cost after personnel and IT. Potential savings, therefore, are correspondingly large. These can be achieved by a systematic, well-controlled management and organisation of the travel budget.
The travelers are always the focus. They should be able to plan, book and account for their trips with the lowest possible effort. Especially nowadays, the safety of travelers is high on the list of priorities. To ensure this, the structuring and compliance with the specified planning, booking and payment methods as well as transparency play an essential role.

Travel management by CTC provides clear and immediate benefits

Among our clients are well-known companies such as Festo, SMS group und Volkswagen (references).
We will gladly also make our services available to your company.