Market Situation

We are familiar with the market

The rising cost of business travel, as result of price increases by service providers, is making management more aware of efficiency in travel management. It is only to be expected that cost reductions will be demanded in this area, too.

Nonetheless, we note that company directors pay less attention to this area than to comparable cost centres. Often, travel costs are seen as a fixed, externally determined figure. In actual fact, the business travel market is characterised by strong dynamics.

This imposes a strictly professional approach and high performance by the supporting tools. At present, travel management is provided with limited resources with which to operate one of the large cost centres in the company. The officers responsible for travel management are rarely given support by the management, leaving them without a proper mandate or resources. The need for consultancy is growing exponentially, due to the market’s increasing complexity and accelerating rate of change.
Against this background, CTC has managed to position itself as a competent and acclaimed consultant in the business travel market.

In view of the current state of the business travel market and the present economic climate, many companies are becoming increasingly aware of the potential savings.