Travel Management is an independent and unique professional discipline within a corporation. As a result, an unbiased cross discipline exchange is hardly ever taking place. In addition, Travel Management is responsible to steer a multidepartment interface process with a strong market dynamic, mainly driven by the suppliers. In order to drive a balanced and company specific reflection and discussion, CTC Corporate Travel Consulting is offering Travel Management Coaching with a focus on the specific situation and direction of your Travel Management.

This will create value for your Travel Management as well as for your leadership.
While gaining from the specific and structured reflection process, you will also benefit from an on demand exchange with CTC, who is familiar with your current company’s structure.
The unbiased exchange is also a benefit for Travel Management’s leadership because it will get an outside perspective. The understanding of pros and cons of different strategic directions, need of resources and timelines will increase.
Depending on the individual needs and requirements, Travel Management Coaching should be leveraged minimum two to four times a year.

We also offer Round Table Discussions with all departments interfacing the travel management process.

Moreover, CTC offers a Travel Management Starter Package. This coaching product is focusing on newcomers in the responsibility for Travel Management. The target group receives a personal introduction into all areas of Travel Management and the upcoming challenges.

Your immediate benefits:

  • Evolving self-reflection
  • Expert exchange
  • Best practice experience
  • Guidance in strategic direction
  • Hints for realization of individual optimization potentials
  • Optimization of process understanding and matter positioning with your corporation