Travel Cost Avoidance

Getting out of a business trip

The least expensive business trip is the one not taken.

As trivial as this may sound, this is not an aspect of regular business travel processes. Still, avoiding business trips is where the true savings potential is hidden.

The ever-rising costs of business trips, technological advances, crises and wars call for alternative solutions. One major example for avoiding business trips is SARS. One of the questions raised during the SARS crisis was: How is it possible to maintain the contact with Asian business partners without exposing employees to health hazards?

We provide the answers to these and all other questions when it comes to how getting out of a business trip.

Virtual business travel should find its rightful place in today's Travel Management. Not to mention in Mobility Management. They are to be seen as an extension and perfection of employee mobility. They will, however, never replace business trips.

We will help you gain an impression regarding the investment costs, savings and process integration.

Wir helfen Ihnen dabei eine Vorstellung über die Höhe der Investitionskosten, Einsparungen und Prozessintegration zu erhalten.

Digitization makes it possible to significantly reduce travel costs by avoiding travel. Customer projects show potential between 9 and 15%.