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HRS Magazin - The Hotel Expert | Issue 04/2014

Consultant Jörg Martin´s column
Share economy options à la Airbnb and Uber are on the move. Will this trend soon conquer the
world of business travel?


BusinessTravel News | 01.12.2014
Fueling Discontent: Falling Oil Prices Spark Airline Surcharge Debate

By Amon Cohan
Crude oil prices plummeted from $115 per barrel in June to around $85 in late October. Motorists on both sides of the Atlantic have benefited from lower prices at the gasoline pump-dipping below $3 per gallon in some U.S. states - so naturally it follows that airlines reduced their passenger fuel surcharges too, right? After all, they introduced (and have subsequently raised) surcharges as oil prices went up. Link zur Webseite:


BusinessTravel News | 01.05.2014
The Global Business Travel Association announced the launch of four committees in Europe, covering aviation, hotel, meetings and technology.

The committees will be comprised of GBTA members collaborating to generate industry toolkits, requests for proposals, white papers, templates, webinars and educational content, according to the association. The aviation committee will be chaired by Jörg Martin, managing director of CTC Corporate Travel Consulting; the technology committee will be chaired by Louise Kilgannon, global business partner at AstraZeneca Travel Service; the hotel committee will be chaired by Ulrika Rosen, travel manager at Tetra Pak; and the meetings committee will be chaired by Izania Downie, director of industry strategy at Lanyon. GBTA also has established a global liaison role in each North American committee to communicate with the other groups. In addition, the organization indicated it soon would announce the launch of a risk committee in Europe.
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